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HoneyCombs Vitamins

HoneyCombs Vitamins

When we really need the nutritional properties of herbs and vitamins, we have to be able to assimilate them quickly and completely.  We are not what we eat, but what we digest.  A liquid is infinitely easier to digest than a capsule.  It does more harm than good to take nutritional supplements that are solid and indigestible.

Many times capsules become more of a problem than a solution.  They swell up and stick together with other capsules and clog the colon.  The digestive system of some elderly people or surgery patients is often too weak to assimilate capsules.  Our liquid supplements can be given to either a baby or senior citizen with complete confidence and be assured of receiving invaluable help from our liquid vitamins and herbs.

Scientific studies universally agree on the fact that pills only have a 10-20 % absorption rate.  Liquid Supplements, however, have a 98% absorption rate (Information from The Physician Desk Reference).  Because liquid supplements bypass the digestion process, they go directly into the blood stream and into cells within a matter of minutes. 

Herbal extracts and liquid vitamins are concentrated, easily digested, convenient and cost effective.  One ounce of liquid herbal extract or liquid vitamins with glycerin is equal to the medicinal properties of up to 160 capsules.  Virtually no powdered form of herbs and vitamins can match the effectiveness of liquid vitamins and herbal extracts.  Raw materials in capsules may have set around in a warehouse and lost their strength and potency.  By contrast, extracts have a much longer shelf life than capsules when natural vegetable glycerin is used in the extraction process.  Another important note is that capsules or extracts that have been made with alcohol are a total waste of your money.  Alcohol destroys virtually every vitamin known to man. ~Michael Combs.  Currently, Honeycombs is one of the few to use a non-alcoholic colloidalization process.

HoneyCombs products are based in a liquid alcohol free format, and manufactured in the highest quality cold press extract system.  All of the liquid supplements are housed in a natural vegetable glycerin base.  This not only provides health benefits, but also provides a natural preservative, making the herbs and vitamins last for years without refrigeration.

HoneyCombs has been perfecting health through the use of only the finest organic and natural ingredients for over 35 years.  If your goal is to perfect your body, your mind and your overall health you have come to the right place. Through the use of our unsurpassed processing procedure, we are able to give you the worlds best alcohol free liquid vitamins, calcium, minerals, herbs and many other nutritional supplements.

Order now and receive free shipping on all orders over $60.00.  We stand by all of our products with a 30 day money back guarantee.